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CFC goes NFT


Hello friends and future friends of the Charter!

The Charter for Compassion works continually to increase compassion globally. To make that work more sustainable we are considering innovative ways to do just that.

2022 is starting with the Charter dipping its big toe into NFT waters. NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) are a unique digital asset bought and sold online that represents real-world projects like art, music, game items, and videos. Each contains a certificate of ownership and authenticity, an NFT can only be owned by one person, It's bought and sold with cryptocurrency. An opportunity for creatives to produce and for the collectors to own rights to these digital pieces.

To learn more about NFTs, I recommend you read 2 short articles from the BBC and from Business Insider.

At this time I announce that the Charter for Compassion is involved in a very unique NFT, one that combines a digital art piece by artist NAYLA and a real house in the mountains of Utah. A percentage of the sale would be donated to the Charter for Compassion which could become a game changer for organizational funding and as such for the compassion movement around the world!

About The Artist

Nayla is a multidisciplinary artist from Syria, who resides in Berlin. Her works interweave layers of faces, abstract stories exploring themes of light, eyes, and music.

She paints to express something that touches her, which can range from people to events, or even a thunderstorm.

"Behind every piece is a story, something that is really close to my heart."

The piece 👁 am here for you is an NFT social project with the Charter For Compassion and part of NFT Collection "World of Nayla" on Opensea. Click/tap here to see the piece minted with the house.

Check out her InstagramTwitter, and Opensea.

About The House

Built in 2002, the large, airy, and artsy home is in Midway, Utah, USA, a quaint town in the Wasatch Mountains. Midway is a 20-minute drive from Park City, Utah (Sundance Film Festival & Deer Valley skiing), and a 50-minute drive from the international airport in Salt Lake City, Utah. The house sits on a 1/2-acre-lot (2000 square meters) with a little stream going through the back of the property. On the property, there are fruit trees, raised veggie beds, flower gardens, green house, storage shed, large fire pit, front deck, back deck, side patio, and the backyard is fenced-in. The house is 3200 square feet (297 square meters), with an open-plan kitchen, dining, living room (with a gas fireplace and large fish tank). Up the spiral staircase is the master suite with a bathroom, a two-person shower, and large walk-in closet. The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large entertainment room, lots of closets and storage and a 1.5 car garage with several shelves for gear. The metal railings were all handcrafted by a local artist. All three floors are heated with radiant heat - heat inside the floors - for efficiency. It also has air conditioning for the summer months. The 8 skylights in the dome ceiling bring in lots of natural light, along with the extra-large windows. Two skylights are directly over the master bed where gazing at stars is a nightly ritual. There are 75 acres of undeveloped land behind the house where one can occasionally see deer, foxes, and other wildlife in these backfields. Midway is a small town of about 5,000 people (and one stop light) nestled in the mountains, with access to skiing, golfing, fishing, hiking, biking, and other kinds of outdoor recreation.

About the Sale

When you buy this unique NFT, you are buying a piece of digital art AND buying a large home in the mountains. This sale will then translate into a sizable donation to the Charter for Compassion. The house itself is valued at over $1 million dollars. The house will have a big screen in the main living space where the NFT will be shown. And if you are a collector, you may have your gallery displaying other NFTs on the screen. Similar but bigger than those digital photo frames, this could display all of the NFTs you own or might own in the future.

The auction for the house is now LIVE on OpenSea and the bidding is open through February 5, 2022. Click here to see the auction page.

(OpenSea hosts the largest collection of NFT's to buy, sell, or trade. They have a great short YouTube video that explains the OpenSea platform.)

Looking into the future of NFT's and the Charter for Compassion

Perhaps you've heard of the term Web 3.0. This Wikipedia article has more information. Many believe that Web3 is the future of a more democratic, decentralized internet that could provide financial sustainability for all users instead of big tech companies running everything. It could be an important change that might enable social businesses and non-governmental organizations, like the Charter for Compassion, to become sustainable, and creatively use new ideas, methods, and concepts.

Growth will not be based on donations but the value of creation and partnerships, and the power of equal opportunity for everyone.

Of course, it's still all futuristic, but at one time so were the internet, digital music and movies, DVDs, and many other technologies we now take for granted, that have changed our world. Web 3.0 might receive a lot of skepticism, but if it does become reality, and we are prepared for it, we will be entering the metaverse with more knowledge, understanding, and capacity to become more limitless than ever.

I personally believe that adapting, doing our best with what is currently available as well as embracing change, and exploring new options, allow more growth and that is part of compassion.

This is our chance to create something unique and I am excited to explore more ideas on the development of the NFT social ecosystem, a social "Yacht Club" (It's not about rich people and yachts). Think of online communities with perks, to those who own an item or a large NFT collection. Here are examples of what a these clubs can looks like in the NFT world: Bored Ape Yacht Club  or which gives 50% of its NFT's sales to

What we are asking

If you dwell in the NFT / cryptocurrency / Web 3.0 world? We need your help to spread the word, (person to person, social media, newsletters, etc.) Do you know any NFT collectors, or anyone looking for a mountain home retreat? Or someone interested in donating to charitable causes, who might be looking for a home as well?

While we are dipping our toe in the NFT world waters, we are excited to become involved and explore this new idea of sustainable funding in the metaverse.

Join us on discord, a platform we use to focus on the NFT conversation within the Charter with this link:

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

I'm excited to see where this project takes us!


Please allow me to clarify:

1. The Charter is not selling the NFT. The Charter did not mint the digital piece with the house. The Charter's only involvement with this transaction is that we will receive a sizeable donation from this sale, if it happens.

2. Regarding the environment: I share your concern. Mining and maintaining this world of crypto and NFTs can be very damaging to the environment. However, the sale of this particular NFTis done through the Polygon blockchain, which is 100% sustainable. You may have read that AP has entered the NFTworld, and they too selected this particular blockchain:

Please learn more about polygon here:

3. Last Thursday I had a discussion with Maha Alusi, Charter board member, and Ahmed Sharabassi who has been an intrinsic part of this project abnout the sale of the NFT and the involvement of the Charter with it. Watch here.

The Charter always welcomes feedback and recommendations/suggestions, and I thank you for contacting us about your concern. I hope that you will join us!

Sending you an energetically charged, virtual hug,

Marketing and Social Media Director
Charter for Compassion

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