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I live on a two-way road that has only one lane


There is no path I'd rather roam,
than these narrow lanes about my home,
to leave my troubles far behind,
as I follow its track to places kind.

For along your path there is no wrong
just pretty flower, and bird of song
Nature's beauty all around,
to fill my sight, to fill my sound.

~By Chris Plows

A little over a year ago I moved. I live on a two-way road that has only one lane. I've been thinking about that lane. Walking or driving down it you are reminded of one unwritten rule—"to travel here you must yield." There is no sign announcing how you can proceed, just common sense. For us, if you travel north, there are places to pull over to let a car go by. There are none when traveling south, just a deep ditch. Another unwritten rule is that you need to go slowly. Neither of these unscripted rules are directions on how to live life, but they certainly are helpful. It seems impolite when you see people you know, not to stop, lower your car window and exchange a few words.The very least you are expected to do is wave. You do that when you are in a hurry, and it is understood that you must move on. When you go slowly, you notice if your neighbors, or their dogs, are limping or walking vigorously. It seems everyone along this road has small gardens. Several will welcome your passing their property with a greeting of "do you want some plums," or "I have some extra squash, do you want some?" It sounds idyllic, doesn't it? It is, if for only the amount of time it takes to walk or drive that mile and a half until you reach the two-way road that is really a two-way road.

With warm regards,

Marilyn Turkovich 

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Friday, 02 June 2023
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