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Women Can Change The World


Today we offer 2 messages from members of the Women and Girls Sub-Sector on this special day of the 22 days of Compassion Campaign: Women Can Change The World.

Crowds of Sheroes
and the songs that they sing

One of Charter's 22 Days of Compassion is focused on the concept that "Women Can Change the World". In an earlier blog, I mentioned ways in which we could diminish the old power of castles and enhance the new power of compassion through connectors, cheerleaders, and crowds.

Crowds of sheroes that change my world through music.

The 2019 Grammys had five remarkable women present a message of creativity, diversity, and inclusion. Each had their unique way to connect and cheer our unity while the words of Michelle Obama brought us all into the crowd: "Music helps us share ourselves. Our dignities, our sorrows, our hopes, and joys. It allows us to hear one another. To invite each other in. Music shows us that all of it matters."

Here's a list of songs that represent different aspects of power. May we recognize that in order to have harmony, we need to talk about the harm that is also included in our stories.

Castles - "Four Women" by Nina Simone
Crowds - "White Flag" by Bishop Briggs
Connectors - "Hometown Glory" by Adele
Cheerleaders - "We Are Here" by Alicia Keys

Crowds of sheroes that change my world through games.

Perhaps like me you enjoy watching the creative designers on Bravo's tv series Project Runway. One of the best episodes was when fashion joined technology and three top video game animators supported the contestants in telling a story of female empowerment. I'm also impressed with the efforts of Susana Pollack and her team of games changers found at Games for Change. Their international efforts motivate others to push boundaries and develop games that promote mental wellness and incorporate contemporary social issues in a meaningful way.

Crowds of sheroes that change my world through education and training.

Riane Eisler encourages us to move from stories of domination and the traditional 'isms' that can be oppressive into a new story of 'partnerisms.' The Charter's Women and Girls sector is currently attending an online course titled "Change the Story, Change the World" and we're connecting with our partners to explore how they're changing the world. One of our leaders recently invited her mother, ….. Jamil, to describe her efforts to change sex education materials while integrating Muslim morals into a Norwegian school system. As Sara Jamil has herself become a mother of a teenage daughter, Sara continues to integrate Muslim morals into the framework of their world, while recognizing that language and cultural interpretations impact social perceptions of the rights and duties of men and women.

Whether it's through music, games, or education, may we take time today to honor women that change the world. We hope you'll share a story of women, and the song that they sing, by connecting with us at .

- Vicki Cutherell

So here we are with another international women's Month or Women's History Month as it is being called more often. The theme is #breakthebias for 2022. I've also wondered who comes up with these themes for the year. How are you doing? Where does Compassion fit into the narrative for this month?

While some Organisations, Businesses and Charities highlight the work of some women, there is still so much work to be done.

We are so ingrained to go straight to the women and the men who have acquired fame in their fields, rather than the Women and Men on the ground doing the hard work day in and day out, who have been for years many decades but had no recognition.

As a Community worker for 35 years, I have seen so many unsung heroes who are not in positions of power. They hardly get to share exactly what they do and why they do it. To the Community worker, it's often about changing lives but like the humble philanthropist who doesn't shout it from the rooftops, is hardly spoken about. Unsung voices will leave this Earth without any recognition for the changes and legacy they have left behind.

But it is so important when thinking about compassion, kindness, and women's issues/ challenges that we highlight the work that is being done. So as a relatively new member of the women and girls core circle for about a year, but a Charter partner for 5 or 6 years now, I felt somewhat on the fringes before. I didn't know What else was Happening with Partners and in the Organisation itself. As I was welcomed by these beautiful women with beautiful souls I finally understood. They were really working on Collaborating and Creating a Partnership for a Safe and Sacred Now (the PSSN project).

As an outsider but also as a woman who has so much interest in community dynamics, psychology, and the study of societies, I can see the work and the extent to which these women dedicate their daily lives.

They live Compassion.

Breathe Kindness and they share unconditional Love.

They educate each other.

They acknowledge each other.

They hold space for difficult conversations and Sacred healing space.

They are us but also the superheroes whose names we do not know.

In a recent Live on our Social media channels with The International Charter for Compassion this beautiful interview followed. It was quite impromptu so heartfelt I believe. Feel free to watch it here

We are also part way into our 22 Days of Compassion and the 29th of March 2022 focus is Women can change the world.

As we focus on Partnership and reach out to our wonderful Partners Old and New to find out how we can be of service to you, please keep in mind there is so much good work we would love to find out more about and share.

As a London-born woman, I love collaborating with my sisters around the globe. Compassion may be in your Organisations, Cities, and Countries. All the Core Circle does is work that leaves a legacy. Our lead Sara Jamil in Canada has kindly shared a link to watch the Compassionate York region Community Conversation where Brenda Gustin (another Core Circle Sister) who was the Keynote Speaker. Watch it here

As I close, I want to leave you with this thought:

If tomorrow was the day you did a complete Life Review and thought about your Legacy, What would that be? And how would we see it?

I dare you to Write it Down.

As the world changes, we change. We are Soul Conscious Creators so no more are we going to stay silent in difficult situations where humankind suffers. We are Souls and once we work for the greater good of all humanity and learn to 'Human Well' (our Co- leader Donna Mills' organisation and words) we will be better placed to effect change on such an epic scale.

Are you going to be part of the change?

We would really love to know What You are doing in your part of the world so please feel free to reply to this email. As Volunteers we will get back to you but may take up to a week.

In Peace and Purpose,

Your Soul Sister 
-Hyacinth Meyers

Vicki Cutherell and Hyacinth Meyers, who shared their thoughts in this entry are members of the Women & Girls sector of the Charter for Compassion. This entry was added to today's topic within our 22 days of compassion campaign: Women Can Change The World

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